Back Painted

Back Painted

Our specially designed and tested paint formula was created to bond directly with the glass providing durability and brilliance. The result is a highly durable, multi-purpose product with limitless design opportunities in residential and commercial spaces.

Back Painted Glass Manufacturer and Supplier

We offer standard solid colours as well as metallic and pearl paints. Our highly trained and experienced paint specialists are able to match any colour imaginable. Simply provide us with a paint swatch or paint manufacturer and the paint code.

Custom back painted glass is such a highly- versatile product, it has become the popular choice as a design alternative to everything from tile, marble and laminate, to granite and wood applications. Backpainted glass has proven to be a huge trend in the design world.

Backpainted glass is ideal for;

  • backsplashes
  • wall cladding
  • store fronts
  • tabletops
  • countertops
  • shelving and more