Custom Laminated Glass Products

Custom Laminated Glass Products

Our unique system was designed specifically with high end, custom projects in mind. Our lamination line and oven allow us to create high quality laminated glass with excellent adhesion and outstanding clarity.

Laminated Glass Products 

We work with interlayers including designer metals, fabrics and digitally printed patterns and paint. We work directly with designers and architects on custom projects. These architectural and designer finishes offer a sophisticated design concept while still keeping functionality in mind.

High-Quality Laminated Glass at Competitive Rates

Do you need high-quality laminated glass for balcony railings, canopies, wall partitions, or doors? If you need premium quality, sturdy glass for any construction or renovation project, we have a wide range of products to suits various applications. Central Canadian Glass Ltd. is the one-stop solution for the best glass products. We use state-of-the-art machines to manufacture glass products with precision. When it comes to laminated glass, we are trusted by architects and designers for fabricating glass products needed for their unique jobs. So, whether you are working on a custom home or multi-residential project, we can help you incorporate high-quality balcony railing glass, glass shower doors, as well as glass for stair railing and pool.

Our team can fabricate laminate glass products to meet your exact specifications. We use advanced CNC machines to manufacture laminate glasses that meet local building codes. Laminated glass is used in a variety of applications because of its durability and versatility.  We manufacture glass by bonding two or more glass lites with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers, under heat and pressure. It means that even if somehow your glass gets broken, there won’t be any sharp edges and the glass will remain in its frame. Over the years, our laminated glass is used for numerous applications in residential buildings, retails stores, museum displays, jewellery stores, hotels, restaurants, and office buildings.

Laminated glass is used for such applications as;

  • railings
  • canopies
  • doors
  • bullet resistant barriers
  • sound barrier
  • glass floors and steps
  • decorative wall cladding
  • magnetic write boards
  • wall partitions