Tempered Architectural Glass

Tempered Architectural Glass

Tempered glass is also referred to as safety glass. Unlike annealed glass, which can shatter into jagged shards when broken, tempered glass fractures into small, relatively harmless pieces.


Premium-Grade Architectural Glass


Central Canadian Glass specializes in fabricating high-performance architectural glass. We offer a full range of custom glass solutions for a variety of projects. Our architectural glass is designed and manufactured for both interior and exterior applications. We combine our expertise with state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the finest quality glass. Irrespective of your project type, we listen to all your glass requirements and deliver custom glass. We provide toughened architectural glass that will meet or exceed your glass specification needs. Toughened glass is treated with heat and chemicals that make it four to five times stronger than conventional glass. The strength of our toughened glass panels makes them the perfect choice for architectural applications. While manufacturing architectural glass, we make sure the panels can withstand extreme temperatures and pressure. Even if the glass gets shattered, it breaks into small pieces with blunt edges.

Glass features have become a popular design trend, adding elegance to the building structure. Architects, interior designers, and builders are increasingly using toughened glass in modern homes and commercial buildings. Our architectural glass is the perfect blend of aesthetics, efficiency, and strength. The technical and energy properties of our glass make it the right choice for unlimited applications. From commercial shopfronts to industrial uses, toughened glass is a versatile option for a variety of projects.

From external glazing to partition walls, architectural glass has endless uses. It not only gives a modern touch to the building but also enhances the comfort of the occupants. When installed correctly, glass panels prevent air leakage and protect against harmful UV rays. Choosing our products means you get:

  • Custom Glass Fabrication
  • Competitive prices
  • In-house design team assistance
  • Technical support
  • Quick Delivery
  • Quality products


Custom Architectural Glass Manufacturer and Supplier


At Central Canadian Glass Ltd., we take pride in customizing architectural glass to the highest standards. As the most trusted supplier and fabricator of custom glass products, we give you the freedom to get tailored solutions. From shower enclosures and partitions to mirrors and railings, we custom-manufacture glass for different applications. We’re committed to supplying our customers with exceptional products at the best prices. We have invested in the latest machinery and utilize premium quality materials to guarantee the durability and strength of our tempered glass. The product we provide is fabricated paying careful attention to even the finest details to achieve unbeatable quality. We have access to advanced equipment and skilled manpower to handle any custom glass project.

As a one-stop architectural glass solution, we provide a range of products- laminate glass, decorative glass, tempered architectural glass, back painted glass, balcony glass railing, and more. Our heat-soaked tempered glass is suited for applications like glazing, exterior glass doors, railings, and more. Customization allows you to get glass in different shapes and sizes along with the color option, opacity levels, and other variations. Our skilled craftsmen pay attention to details and focus on your specifications.  We offer safety glass panels for applications like a storefront, frameless showers, windows, railings, office partitions, sliding doors, and more. All our products are manufactured using the highest industry standards and tested in labs.

When it comes to manufacturing glass, we not only focus on creating quality products but also strive to utilize eco-friendly methods. We make efforts to reduce waste and lower costs. Our products come with unparalleled customer service and competitive prices.  So, whether you’re constructing a new building, upgrading your showroom, building a solarium, or planning any other project, contact us to find the best glass products. Our architectural glass is perfect for residential and commercial projects- providing your space with great looks and plenty of natural light while reducing energy usage.

Our newly acquired in-house tempering line allows us to have full control of completion timelines. This gives our customers the confidence of optimal project lead times.


Our tempered glass is fully certified by Can-Best to meet or exceed CAN/CGSB-12.1-M90